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Modern love. Kama Sutra of the XXI century (2004) DVDRip

Modern love. Kama Sutra of the XXI century (2004) DVDRip

The modern love is the simplest and pleasant training program which is already chosen as million families around the world as this program is really sexual and shows that sex in which million people are engaged every day. But a charm of the program not only in it. "The modern love" - will teach you how to strengthen a libido of your partner, how to strengthen an orgasm and to uplift the sexual relations to the highest point of pleasure, how to choose the correct toys for the best sex, suitable for you, will show new positions, and also low-used technicians of sex. It really very useful, timely and absolutely safe program. Detailed comments and descriptions, promote repetition of all seen most.
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Daughters and sonnies / The Happiest Baby And The Happiest Toddler (2004/DVDRip)

Daughters and sonnies / The Happiest Baby And The Happiest Toddler (2004/DVDRip)

To become parents is an infinite happiness and enormous responsibility. As it is remarkable, when at you the kid grows! But together with pleasure every day gives you and unexpected surprises: how to calm in a few minutes the started shouting kid and to help it to fall asleep, how to convince your growing-up miracle to do what is not pleasant to it, but it is so necessary for its health? The program based on a unique technique of doctor Harvey Karp, the world famous professor of children's psychiatry, will help to consult with all difficulties of education of the child. This course will prompt to you how to grow up the healthy and happy child.
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Modern Kama Sutra. Video encyclopedia of sex (2006/DVDRip)

Modern Kama Sutra. Video encyclopedia of sex (2006/DVDRip)

This film will reveal to you secrets of sexual games and positions, force of a kiss, magic of water, magic of touches and many other things that will make your love many-sided and inspired irrespective of together you are days or years. If you and your partner already passed a stage of an uzhivaniye and are ready to approach of the moment of proximity, the Kama Sutra will help you to relax and open for itself mass of new, fine, sensual pleasures. She will force to forget about cares and alarms of world around, will strengthen an inclination and will aggravate all feelings, will open new ways for satisfaction of the most intimate desires and burning imaginations.
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