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Man and woman. Feel a difference (2011/IPTVRip/900 Mb)

Man and woman. Feel a difference (2011/IPTVRip/900 Mb)

What becomes apple of discord in many families? It appears... the panel from the TV! Recently American scientists carried out special research which helped to understand why the majority of men hates series adored by ladies. It became clear that viewing of melodramas at men lowers level of their main hormone - testosterone while this indicator sharply increases viewing of criminal dramas or fighters. And after all on it at the man depends not only a sexual inclination, but, sometimes, and desire to live in general. All bodies, including a brain, at men and at women, function differently and consequently to wait from an opposite sex of the reactions identical own, simply senselessly.
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Was Frauen beim Sex wirklich wollen / What sex want the woman (2009/DVDRip/1 Gb)

Was Frauen beim Sex wirklich wollen / What sex want the woman (2009/DVDRip/1 Gb)

Quite often at long-term relationship, for women sex becomes monotonous, and they any more do not feel from it desired pleasure. So that to the present the woman sometimes want sex actually? Women wait for seductions, tenderness, imaginations, desire, romanticism and certainly a variety. Comfort, heat, the strengthened palpitation, proximity and sensuality. Women want wild sex and gentle ласк, insistence and control, and also hot and ardent sex. The woman all want!.
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Feelings of person / Human senses (2003/DVDRip)

Feelings of person / Human senses (2003/DVDRip)

This documentary film is devoted to the most important feelings of the person and offers a scientific explanation to how they work, supplementing each other to protect our organism. You ever thought of why it is pleasant to us sour, salty, sharp and even mouldy green cheese? Why some smells awaken in us appetite and even desire, and some cause faintness? Founders of the film will come to a shocking conclusion. It appears, the most illegible in food inhabitants of Earth – people. But to these the high survival rate of the person which is capable to get used to new food, practically any speaks to keep the life......
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